About Calgary Home Collective

At Calgary Home Collective, we're “redefining real estate”.

A lofty ambition to be sure, but in practice, it really is all about getting back to basics and putting the focus on you. It doesn’t sound as novel or ground breaking when you put it that way, but it really is a difference you'll experience. To put it another way, there are literally hundreds of agents in Calgary and area that can very ably help you buy or sell a property. The question is... are they doing it for themselves? Or for you? Calgary Home Collective is a team of seasoned Realtors who are singularly focused on your customer experience.

Our goal is to not just work for your business, but your repeat business and recommendation. You are not a number, and this is not 'just another transaction'. Unless you're in the very small minority of people who close multi-million dollar acquisitions on a regular basis, your home will be the single biggest purchase of your life. Buying or selling your residential property is a very important decision and we will be with you the entire way. For us, that means doing research on your wants and needs in a home, pulling relevant market data and comparables, and looking after the details, no matter how small they appear during every part of the process.

Our thoughts are simply this. It's about YOU, not us. If we haven't done a job so exceptional that you remember our name, the next time you need us then we don't deserve your business the next time. It's our goal to make not just your moving day, but your entire moving experience as stress-free as possible. That's our gift to you.We hope you agree that Calgary Home Collective is redefining the real estate experience. We are passionate about helping you navigate your way through this major life decision. We have the team, resources, and network to successfully market your property, or help you find and secure your next home.

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